Hey guys and gals,

So this blog post is going to be our first ALBUM REVIEW. We were honored with the opportunity to listen to the master tracks from Atlanta hard rockers Brother Grey’s new album Eternal. Boy, were we floored by what we heard.

Now I have never heard of Brother Grey until recently when my friend Johnny from our affiliate Johnny ‘Cutt Promotions gave me the, “You need to listen to these guys” talk. I am absolutely glad I did.

This 5 track EP is something really impressive. Normally you would expect to hear an EP that was a bit rough around the edges with the level in which this band is at, but this EP rolls with the big boys. Perfectly polished and powerful these guys infuse southern rock, with heavier elements as well as keeping it radio friendly. Every track on here is well suited for today’s rock radio stations.

Probably my absolute favorite track on the entire EP is called “Taken Enough”. This is one of those, “I have to have this in a ringtone” kind of tracks for me. Now if any of you know me on a personal level I am a huge advocate for great lyrics put to great sound. This song delivers that and more. With lyrics, “I’ve taken enough, karma’s coming for me..” give you chills. The intro guitar riffs are so powerful it makes you want to listen to it multiple times over (which honestly I did for about 5 times).


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