Nowhere’s Home is a four-piece bluesy southern rock band based out of Duplin County, North Carolina. The group recorded the EP titled In God We Trust produced by Blake Matthews. The EP was released in August 2016 with a string of shows to follow. Music from the EP has been aired on local radio stations and podcasts. In 2017, the band has been performing all over NC and has quickly become a household name in the NC music scene.

I recently had a chance to see these guys open for my friends in Seasons After up in Fayetteville, NC. They put on a high-energy fan friendly show that I could never get tired of. I must say I am ABSOLUTELY proud of these guys and the record that they put out. The album could be considered a cross between Seether and Theory of a Deadman style of music.

Opening track ‘Déjà Vu’ is not only my favorite song on the EP, but is my favorite track live as well. It is just so high in energy and catchy. The first time I heard it, it was instantly stuck in my head. Definitely a radio-worthy song with its groovy riffs and relatable lyrics.

‘Speechless’ and ‘Whiskey Creek’, are the epitome of the southern rock genre. Both will have you tapping your foot and bobbing your head throughout the entire song. Keep an ear out for the incredible guitar solo in ‘Whiskey Creek’. It will blow you away.

‘Believe’ starts out with a very bluesy beginning then slows down during the first verse. The song eventually picks up with during the chorus and keeps the energy going throughout the end of the song. I absolutely love Kalen’s powerful raspy vocals in this track because you can hear the emotion and frustration that is portrayed in the lyrics.

‘Drowning’ is a more hard-hitting track on the EP than the other accompanying tracks. But this track shows the dynamic ability of the guys. Rounding out the album is ‘Goodbye’ which is a beautiful acoustic track that almost, as its name states, says goodbye to the listener. I must say, it is quite the tear jerker.

Overall, In God We Trust, is a truly dynamic EP that shows off the talents of the guys of Nowhere’s Home. Please make sure you visit the guys Facebook and give them a like and pick up the new EP at a local show. You can catch them opening up for HED PE on February 22nd at the Throne Theater in Wilmington, NC.



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