Welcome back to the Angel-Phoenix blog! I have to say, this past weekend (Feb 18-19) was absolutely an incredible one. Lots of travel, photos, shenanigans and of course my favorite thing of all spending time with friends!

It so happened that I was able to work with the incredible talent of Wendigo Records on Saturday. This included a promotional shoot in Tar Heel, NC with the guys of Nephilym first thing for my Saturday morning. I have to say I had an absolute blast!


We all hopped into Brent’s (the lead singer /co-owner of Wendigo Records) SUV and trekked through some old farmland. I have to say that there were some incredible abandoned homes and old farm buildings. The sights were definitely inspiring me for future trips back.

The guys of Nephilym are definitely one of the most laid-back, fun band that I have had the chance to work with. It was quickly apparent that they would become part of the extended Angel-Phoenix family.

We all clicked and just enjoyed each other’s company and had an absolute blast. It was a bit bittersweet having to go home after such a fun-filled morning, but I plan on working closely with Nephilym in the near future so tons of more shenanigans will happen!


So, the reason why I had to make the journey back to Wilmington in order to work with the second band of the day – Waking Tera.

Waking Tera and I happen to go back quite a few years. I had the pleasure of shooting their promotional images for their album Envision and well as co-design the artwork for it with a good friend of mine back in 2012. So, these guys were already a big part of the Angel-Phoenix family. Especially, since they put up with my butt during my’experimental’ photography phase.

It never surprises me that every time I am around the guys of Waking Tera, that I find myself laughing so hard that I can’t breathe. Even with some new members in the mix, everything was just as we left them the last time I had a chance to hang out with them. I have to say, it was quite hilarious when Zach (guitarist) got jealous of how everyone’s picture looked better than his and had to do “do-overs”.


I have to say, I am quite humble for the opportunity that Wendigo Records gave me. I truly felt appreciated and they ignited a fire in me that had been burning dull for quite some time. Hearing all the amazing praise that both bands and crew had to offer really made this girl feel like she was on cloud 9.

I can’t wait to release the images into the world so everyone can see the magic that I was able to create. More so, I look forward to the beautiful relationships and friendships that are blossoming from what truly was a weekend of fun. Make sure you check out our behind the scenes video for some of the fun we had behind the scenes! But viewer beware, there is a bit of explicit language.


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