Hey guys and gals!

It’s been a hectic few weeks and I am truly sorry that I fell a bit behind on the blog. But don’t worry, I absolutely adore all of you and couldn’t leave you hanging much longer.

I had the pleasure of recently meeting a few guys from another local band that I was not really that familiar with, but boy will I tell you, not only are these guys amazing but so is their band.

I had originally wanted to write out an album review but as time went on and more “life” got in the way of getting this review up. It became apparent to me that writing up an album review wouldn’t do these guys justice.

So, meet my new friends of the group Stricken!

17200851_1887871688117096_93932108_o (1)

I had the chance to reach out to Brad McClanahan and William Baker after unfortunately missing their opening slot for the recent Puddle of Mudd show here in Wilmington. I felt so terrible about having to leave early and not catching images of these guys I had to apologize to them. Probably the most unexpected thing that I rarely get from groups I first meet was the compassion that the guys had for my situation. I so happened to be traveling between two towns and doing so since 6:00 am that morning. So, you can imagine that I was pretty tired.

Now, a little backstory. Stricken is a hard rock and metal band based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Riff heavy, high energy, and super dynamic, the band is making its presence known in the local market. Having already opened for major acts like Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Failure Anthem, Letters From the Fire, and Sixlight. The band is quickly becoming a household name in the North Carolina metal market.

Their debut EP, Set 1.0 was released to the world on February 18th of this year. Now I must be honest, I have seen a few live videos of these guys and the album does not do these guys justice. It is surreal how amazing this band is live, even though sadly I have only seen them in YouTube videos. Correction, I was completely oblivious until almost posting this that I have indeed caught these guys at a live show. They so happened to open up for my friends of Through Fire and absolutely, for a lack of a better phrase, SLAYED their set. I didn’t however, have a chance to meet the guys that night. But better late than never right?

When asked about the EP William Baker told me, “To start with, everything about our ep is self-produced using Presonus Studio One 3. We started writing in our drummer’s shed adding and rewriting parts. Once we were ready, we would lay down my guitars and Wham’s drums simultaneously, then slide in Scott’s bass tracks. Once completed, Brad would come to my house with sometimes completed lyrics, most of the time, him and I finishing them out during the production portion of it.”

Self-producing an album is no small feat. To break it down, you are talking about recording a full blown multi-track EP and doing it while NOT using a studio. You would need a word more powerful than impressive to explain how hard that process is.

William also told me, “We want to share our love and passion for the music we make. We are extremely grateful for the fans and listeners that have given us so much positivity, it’s unbelievable. Our journey is just beginning and it isn’t possible without you, the metal heads!”

Well, I have one thing to say for sure, ROCK ON guys! I will definitely be rooting for your many upcoming successes!!

Check out the guys on Facebook (< — click the link) and please catch a show and tell them Angel-Phoenix sent you!


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