As 11 years have past, I never thought I would be in the position that I am in now. I have shot easily over 100+ shows, attended even more. I’ve written for two magazines, interviewed numerous artists, and made many fun and unforgettable memories!

With that being said, there is a time when you need to bring on some kick ass people to help you expand! So that time is now! I am so excited to welcome Jenn and Will to my blogging team. Between the three of us, we will be bringing you dynamic, immersive and fun content from the music world. We all share the same passion for sharing and promoting things in the music world that normally wouldn’t have an outlet.

So first off, I want to introduce you to Jenn!!


“My name is Jenn and I am a 25 year old veteran of the US Army. My love of music started young, as a singer like Tiffany. However, I decided to pursue my interest in the Armed Forces instead of singing, but it still remains a very prominent hobby. I’m based in Eastern Carolina where my husband is stationed with the US Army. Now a days I run my own business as a social media Virtual Assistant and Photographer, as well as the merch girl for my husband’s band.”

Next up, we have Will!


“My name is Will Baker and I am 30 years old. I am a work-a-holic, especially having been and still with Domino’s after 12 years. I started playing music when I was in middle school and never looked back after that, joining and/or starting bands here and there, for a while going on an acoustic stint between Wilmington, NC and Jacksonville, NC. I currently play guitar and backup vocals in the band Stricken, still working at Domino’s, and teaching my beautiful daughter how to play guitar with my wife.”

Both of these amazing people are going to be integral parts of the Angel-Phoenix family and I hope all of you will give them a warm welcome!

P.S. Thanks Stormy Long Photography for the pic of Will!!


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