Music from Around the World Vol 1

Hey guys and gals!!

So I frequently get asked about music tastes, why I like certain artists and other interesting questions. As most of you know, I have a very eclectic taste in music. Especially with international bands. So I thought it would be cool to show off some of my favorite international bands!

Lord of the Lost – Hamburg, Germany

Don’t let the weird face makeup fool you. Lord of the Lost is a group of absolutely talented guys that I so happened to randomly find while listening to Rammstein radio on my GooglePlay Music account.  I must be honest, I fell 100% head over heels for the group the moment I heard the track “Six Feet Underground”. Their latest record “Empyrean” was released back in July of 2016. Unfortunately, since these guys are from Germany, sometimes great music takes time to be discovered.

My favorite thing about the group is how unique they are. The blending of art, music genres, and Chris Harm’s oh so sultry deep voice just does wonders to a listener. Their albums are self-produced by Chris and the guys at Chameleon Studios in Hamburg, Germany.

The band just recently back in February released the new video for their single “Raining Stars”. Now the video could be considered a bit controversial to some… but I love it!! It is absolutely amazing and well directed. Check it out below.. and give the guys a huge like on their Facebook page.

If you are in Germany, check them out during their “Raining Stars” tour through the beginning of May. You can pick up merch and tickets from


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Tiffany Towe

Hi, I am Tiffany and I like to take photos. Photography has become an ever growing passion of mine, especially when it comes to live concerts and festivals. Something about capturing a moment in time moves me. I enjoy being able to share my experiences in the photography and music industry with the world through my photos and blogging. I started this beautiful thing I call Angel-Phoenix Productions back in 2007 when I was fresh out of high school! I strongly believe every artist should have an outlet to be heard!

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