I first met the ladies of Reason|Define (then The Reason You Stayed) back in August of 2016 when they played at The Drunk Horse Pub in support of Another Lost Year. They were my first introduction to an all-female band especially since the industry is dominated mostly by men. Personally, I tend to be very skeptical of female singers (as one myself). These ladies absolutely blew me away. Not only are they phenomenal musicians, but they are some of the sweetest ladies I have ever met! So when Tiffany offered to let me check out their new album, Far From Strangers, I was incredibly stoked!

Reason|Define is an all female rock group hailing from Charlotte, NC. I must say that I really feel like they are going somewhere in the industry.

They describe themselves as “a style that is from multiple genres including alternative, pop punk, metal, etc. partnered with powerful female harmonies.” They aren’t lying, their harmonies are on point! I truly feel that Paolina has a very distinct voice and Savannah and Caitlin do a fantastic job matching her vocals with their harmonies. If their brightly colored hair doesn’t get your attention first, their music definitely will. These ladies can definitely hold their own and it shows throughout the album. 

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Just before Christmas of last year, they released their first single, Kingdom. This song is just awesome and is probably my favorite one off their new album at this time (mostly because it is the one that I am most familiar with). This song is really catchy (gets stuck in my head all the time) and the music video is even better – you can check it out below.

After Kingdom it is hard to choose a favorite song, simply because I really love all of them. I feel their style is very cohesive and consistent throughout the entire album. I really dig the intros to their songs, they really grab your attention and keep you wondering what is going to come next.

Being as skeptical as I was, I have to say this album is going to be one that sticks with me for a while. Every single track is addictive and worth multiple listens. In fact, girls have a very unique sound that is very reminiscent of this group called The Donnas but with a more refined sound that draws you in and doesn’t let you go.

This is definitely an album that I can listen to again and again (okay, so I might have listened to it a few times today already). I can’t wait to hear more from these ladies and see what they have in store for their fans this year.

You can catch them at their album release party this Friday, March 24th, at The Underground at the Fillmore Charlotte. Contact them for TICKETS! I plan on being there myself so I look forward to seeing some familiar faces!



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