Calling all fans of Lamb of God and Unearth, I present you with a gift from the Deathcore/Deathmetal/Metalcore gods: Funeral for the Masses. This group is paving the way for alike artists across the globe all the way from Oulu, Finland. This 6-song EP named, Pitch Black, is nothing short of a shot of greatness to the brain. I reached all the way back to pull albums from my super heavy, hardcore/metalcore days, frequently reminiscing the fun times of being that skinny guy getting tossed like a rag doll in massive mosh pits.


Once I clicked on their first track, Death Sentence, I was immediately consumed by the mysterious feel of the guitar intro. That is until you hear that first breath and that scream just resonates in the room as the halftime feel pulls you to your feet just to get you throwing fists as the insane double bass kicks in. “WE WON’T SURRENDER!” just stands out to me as a call to action, for people to rise against the corrupt that erodes this society, with politicians being the focal point. The next track titled

The next track titled F.F.T.M. is well, yes you guessed correctly, Funeral for the Masses, and does it ever serve its purpose.  To me, this piece feels like an anthem to the dubbed “masses.” There is nowhere in this song for you to “take 5.” The entire song, it’s like watching this blank canvas being painted in various shades of black, portraying a darker side.

Blinded Eyes is one heck of a song. I consider this my second favorite song simply because it is in your face, it tells you how it is and leaves you wondering what happened in the last four minutes. The message I get from this song is how someone is betrayed or taken advantage of and the penalty for this perpetrator is to be dealt with in a violent manner.

The next track, Pitch Black¸ while serving as the album title, also serves as my personal favorite as they show off every bit of how one would feel in a cold, lonely world when nothing ever goes right. The clean guitars with their creepy echo will give you goosebumps and make you look over your shoulder as the crippling, heavy riffs will nearly snap your neck from the consistent head banging.

Delusions is just in your face, smack you around, and a demand to pay attention. This song makes me feel like I’m lost in transition, in limbo per se, between reality and some made up reality, hence the title of the song. One thing I hear in this song over the rest is a guitar solo. This solo fits in ever so perfectly, like a single piece of a puzzle.

Lastly, Fallen Idol. This song has some of them groove beats that I absolutely love. To me, this song is making me want more, being the perfect to end the album with. Through every verse and chorus, there are super-hooky vocal polyrhythms, death-defying guitar, bass, and drum rhythms, intertwining like a field of vines, only showing this single rose.

I will have to say that it has been an absolute blast to listen to and really have this album take me back and now that this album is in my car, the rest of this place will hear what brutality truly sounds like.

You can pick up a copy of Pitch Black directly from the guys of Funeral for the Masses on their Facebook page as well as check out more from these dudes in the near future!


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