September Mourning, led by multi-talented Emily Lazar is one of the most unique and interactive groups I have seen to date. I had my first chance to see the group live in action in late 2015. The group released their debut full-length album Volume II in July of 2016, however, the group is starting to gain major traction with their current single, “20 Below.” I was given the honor of hitting up their most recent “soul collection” at Arizona Pete’s I’m Greensboro, NC.

But first, a bit of a back story on the group. September, the leader of the group is a “super but not super-hero”. The entire group’s image is based on the artistic creation of Emily Lazar. What makes the group so unique is that they are not only a bad, but a comic as well. So keep up with me here, September is a human-reaper hybrid created by Riven (one of the guitarists) when he “fell in love” with her and refused to “collect her soul” the comic books. The group essentially brings the comic books to life during their live stage performances. I have had a chance to read both copies during their initial release and I will say its worth the read, especially since it all goes hand-in-hand.

So, as far as live performances ago, September Mourning has become one of my favorite groups to see. The sheer interactive nature of not just the performance but what happens before and after. The entire group stays in character the entire night which makes it a very fun experience.


The translation of the music live is an experience in itself. Of course, the album is fantastic, but you really do not get the full scale of it unless you have a chance to see it performed.

September Mourning is currently out on tour in support of the Blood, Lust, Death tour featuring Dope and Combichrist through the beginning of April. You can check out September Mourning on their Facebook and pick up some merch at


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