I would like to introduce everyone’s earhole and melted faces to the well-known group called Shadows of Deceit. These guys are gaining steam and they are charging through barriers and no one can stop them. With their sound giving hints evident of Killswitch Engage and All That Remains, they still separate themselves with their unique style of vocals and guitar work. Don’t worry, the drums will keep your head and neck busy. I have yet to personally meet the entire group but I have spoken on many occasions with their singer, Scott Adams.

We have become good friends, talking at least two to three times a week. I can tell you that he is the epitome of a front man and as a representation of the group, I can only assume that the other members are just as self-effacing. I had a chance to speak with Scott and ask him some questions to gather some info for their ever growing fanbase.

Hey guys, thanks a bunch for talking to us! Would you please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about your band?

Scott: “On drums, J.T. Stroud, on lead guitar is Patrick Lewis, on rhythm guitar, is Cody Richardson, and lastly on vocals is Scott Adams. We just brought on Chris McBride on as our new bassist. Loving the heavy sound, our influences have meshed together to create a sound we believe the scene needs right now: “Metalcore.” Although we like to think of it as metal. We believe that life itself is a mixture of brutality and beauty and aim to portray that in our music.” 

 How did Shadows of Deceit form and how did the group’s name come about?

Scott: The band was formed in 2011 as Cast into Shadows by a group of guys and fronted by Donnie Harris. The band went through changes in line-up through the years adding J.T. to the mix first, then Patrick. It was at that point that the sound changed to a heavier vibe and the name was changed to Shadows of Deceit. People come and people go, that’s when Cody joined the band. Donnie and Shadows parted ways at the end of 2016 leaving the band without a singer. Fate stepped in I was able to audition for the band. I was nervous but have always wanted a project like this. Coming from a background of hard rock gave me the advantage of really stepping up the clean vocals and it just clicked right away.”

Who are some of the bands that Shadows of Deceit have shared the stage with?

Scott: “We have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some great bands from the area like Auxilia, Kairos, Annabel Lee, Guerilla Fist, Black Ritual, Gruzer, and Wretched just to name a few. These are only the bands we have shared the bill with since I have been in the band. The band Shadows of Deceit itself has a history with some great musicians and the list is long.”

 Your song, Freefall, from the heavily anticipated EP, Krakatoa, was just released along with an amazing lyric video! Could you tell us what it’s about?

Scott: “This song is about witnessing the loss of innocence. Watching as someone’s cloud-9 is destroyed by society and they begin to freefall to reality, the shame we all must face as the world rears its ugly head, showing us that nothing lasts forever, not even our dreams. We can all relate to this experience as we all have felt it. We are just bringing it to the forefront and expressing the distaste for society’s influence.”

What can we expect from the band in the coming months leading up to the release of Krakatoa?

Scott: “You can expect lots of shows and teasers as we finish up recording the EP. We are now out in force with a brand-new logo, new artwork, and new music. There’s also going to be a guest vocal appearance on the EP, who shall remain nameless for now.” 

Where would you like to see the band at this time next year?

Scott: “Our goal is to play tons of shows and get the EP out to as many ears as possible. In a year’s time, we would love to be playing with national acts as well as the best local and regional bands around. We want Shadows of Deceit to be a name everyone recognizes.”

Where can fans find news and other exciting material for Shadows of Deceit?


You have got to check out their single “Freefall” in the form of their lyric video below. You will not be disappointed! Visit their page, show them some love, and stay tuned because we will release their album review once Krakatoa comes to light!


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