Hey Guys and Gals!! It have been a bit since I have been able to bust out a great album review. But, good things come to those who wait and boy am I glad I waited. Now this review may seemed a bit biased because of my working relationship with the group’s label but, the review you are about to read is 100% honest and from the heart. So let’s get down to it!

Earlier this week my friends at Wendigo Records decided to send me a early release of Drayton Road’s new and first full-length album Danger, Danger. As it so happens, the Angel-Phoenix crew (Joe and I that is), had a chance to hang out with the Drayton Road guys at the music video shoot for their title track “Danger, Danger” which released this week.


Now for the album, the opening track “1982” has a pretty killer drum intro brought to you by the drummer Harry Godwin. It’s sort of your typical mid-song breakdown kind of sound but…who knew you could throw it at the beginning of the track and it sound just as good. The song’s lyrics, to me at least, really shows off the groups love for music and the journey through the struggles of being a band.

“Anchors and Oceans”, has these almost Korn reminiscent bass lines by Nick Peeler in the chorus pieces that are absolutely unique and memorable. During my first past of the song, the sound kind of threw me off at first, but in a good way. I always welcome a group that can throw down multiple genres in one album. Now speaking of multiple genres, the break down in the middle of the track takes you on a brief heavy metal journey with these crazy low bellowing screams from lead singer Brent Underwood.

Now on to the title track, “Danger, Danger”. I will tell ¬†you right off the bat, “catchy song is catchy”. Out of every single track on the album, this is the one that stuck with me instantly and I have to say once its stuck in my head it takes an act of god to get it out. (Thanks guys.) I had a chance to ask Brent about the track and here is what he told me.

“The idea behind Danger, Danger can be seen all around us. People are so glued to their phones checking TMZ or updating Facebook that they miss out on life. We spend hundreds on the latest and “greatest” thing because a person who’s famous for nothing got it for free.”

I have to say, he is absolutely right about that. I applaud his bravery to speak out against today’s current standing with the media. Its not an easy feat. But, you definitely have to check out the video directed and shot by Tony Murnahan. If you watch closely you’ll catch some cameos from the Angel-Phoenix team.

“Guns and Alters”… this is a track that shows exactly how hard Drayton Road can throw down. The track reminds me of some good friends of mine from Guns Out at Sundown, yet there’s a finesse to it. Its really hard to pin point exactly what is different about it, but its a nice refreshing change of pace through the album.

If you want to hear some amazing synchronization of guitars and bass, “Multipass” is your song. To hear absolute perfection between guitarists Orus Patterson and Jacob Smotherman gives me the chills.

Next up on the album have to be what are my two favorite tracks hat really have me torn on the “what should be the next single” fence. “Searching for Sirens” is so powerful in every way possible. The lyrics depict of a woman that literally seduces a man. There’s nothing more to it than that. The music is what really puts the listener in a trance and man oh man, there is a beautiful guitar solo that brings you back to reality for sure.

“Slowmotion Cowboy” is in the running for my pick of the next single from the group. The way the song opens up with this incredibly catchy guitar riff and drum combination gets the listener pumped up to listen to the rest of the track. The guys don’t leave you hanging after the opening bit. As soon as the chorus kicks in, once again you will be floored by the powerful guitar riffs. I have to say this track does have a bit of a lead over “Sirens”.

Rounding out the album are tracks “Stockholm” and “Wind and Rain”. Its pretty cool how you are going to throw another hard hitting track right before you round out the album with a slower tempo song. “Stockholm” has my favorite break down of all the tracks, the build up of the lead guitar is wicked good. “Wind and Rain” rounds out the entire album by giving the listener a break from all the hyped up and exciting tracks.

I have to say, I am so proud of the guys of Drayton Road and the album they put together. Fun fact, Orus actually produced the album. Pretty sweet right?! The new album will be out on May 4th and will be available practically everywhere. Grab a copy and catch the guys at a show near you!



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