I met the guys of Sixlight back in December when they joined my husband’s band in opening up for Gemini Syndrome and Drowning Pool at The Maywood in Raleigh, NC. I had heard about these guys through some friends of ours that had done some recording at Bloodstone Studios, which they run.

I’m not going to lie, they really caught my interest when I heard that three of the band members are prior service. Nick (lead singer), Curtis (guitar), and Ian (guitar) all met when they were in the Marines and then teamed up again to form this band. Rob (bassist) and Travis (drums) joined them later on and really rounded out the band. That first night we shared a merch table and I heard them play, and I was hooked.


On 01 April 2017, they released their first self-titled EP at a show at the Drunk Horse Pub and I was fortunate enough to attend the show to support these guys. I feel like I say this a lot, but if you haven’t checked them out, you really should! These guys are incredibly talented musicians and just great guys to chat with. I like to think that I have become fortunate enough to call them friends and I can’t wait to see them play more shows. They also put on a great live show and its great to see that crowd get so involved in the songs and head banging. The guys all interact with the crowd during the show and I think that is important. I know that a lot of bands do this, but for some reason their stage precedes stands out to me.


Their Self-Titled EP starts off with a song called Hostage. While discussing the album with my husband, he described the song as a power house song, a good staging song for what comes next on the album, which I can totally agree with.

Crucify Me, the second song on the album, is a great display of Nick’s (the lead singer) voice and the drums stand out to me. It’s definitely an upbeat song and one that you can headband too, which these guys do at every show I’ve seen them at.

The third song, Sick Again, was my introduction to Sixlight and it really is a catchy song with a great music video. It was released as a single before the EP dropped and is definitely a fan favorite at their shows. It’s upbeat, got some great guitar rifts, and Rob (the bassist) does a great job on vocals with Nick. This particular song was requested as an encore at the end of their album release show and it made the crowd so excited to get to hear it again!

The fourth song on the album, Paradise, is said to be about your significant other fighting cancer, and it sticks with you. It’s one of the slower songs on the album but it still has that great Sixlight sound.

The next song on the album, Burning Out, is also a single they released prior to the EP, it’s on YouTube, and is definitely a fan favorite as well. Ian and Curtis do a great job with the guitar rifts while Travis has a very distinct drum beat going on throughout the song. I feel like this song is another great crowd favorite song.

The Departure is a new song to me, I didn’t hear it until I purchased the album. I like the intro to the song, it has a nice melody (it sounds like piano) before the song really gets started.

Reach for the Sky is the next song on the album and starts without hesitation. It’s a nice blend of Nick and Rob’s (the bassist) vocals (but I honestly feel that those two work really well together). I feel that this song is a good crowd involving sky, it’s easy to learn and easy to sing along with.

The next song to follow is called Loosing Faith, which is the other slower song on their album. To me, it sounds like it’s about lost love, which everyone can relate too. It’s a newer song to me as well but I’m quickly loving it.


The last song on the album is called Lead the Way, and is a great way to end the album in my opinion. To me (and maybe it’s just because I am a veteran myself), this songs makes me think about the military. Talking about trying to lead the way and not following with a blind eye.

If you haven’t picked up this album yet, or at least gone to listen to it on iTunes or Spotify,  you are definitely missing out! I highly recommend this album (and this band) to everyone who loves rock music! All in all, I really can’t choose just one favorite from this album because I love each song in it’s own rite. If you get a chance to see them live, do yourself a favor and do it. They are some of the most personable and friendly people I have met and I am so excited to see what is coming next for them!



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