Hey Angel-Phoenix nation! Tiffany here with a preview of a group that we recently had a chance to check out at The Throne Theater in our hometown Wilmington, NC. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised to see, what should be, a more well-known act on tour with the legendary Nonpoint and Hinder.

Nine Shrines is a hard rock group based out of Columbus, Ohio. Originally founded back in April of 2014, the group is taking the music world by storm one city at a time. The group consists of former members from musical acts, Attack! Attack!, Downplay and Life on Repeat. Their sheer live power makes them a group that should not be ignored.


If you haven’t heard of Nine Shrines, well you should stop reading this right now and head over to their Facebook page and give it a like. These guys in my opinion, stole the show during their recent stop in NC.  So let’s get down to what makes these guys so incredible.

First off, their sound. Their live sound is so polished and is absolutely a blast to listen to. To be a successful touring artist you can’t just have a good stage sound right? Well these guys have an incredible stage presence as well. How you ask, well I am glad you asked. Front man Chris Parketny has this emotive personality that catches the attention of anyone who is around him. My favorite thing was that you could see his animated gestures from across the room which makes it an interactive performance without even trying.  Chris is so engulfed in his on-stage character that he just so happened to knock his head, bleeding mind you, and just kept going like nothing ever happened.


The group just released their debut EP Misery back in April of this year. After seeing their live performance, I had to grab a copy to see how these dudes sounded in recorded form. I can tell you, recorded or live these guys do not disappoint. It is very evident that they guys know what they are doing being the seasoned professionals that they are. So far my favorite track on the EP is “King of Mercy”. Just everything about song is phenomenal and it still stuck in my head two days later. Misery is going to be an album that will be on repeat for months to come.

It is very rare, that I regret not having a photo pass for a show. But I am kicking myself for not reaching out. These guys would have made the entire night worth it. Nine Shrines is still currently out on tour with Nonpoint and Hinder through the beginning of June. You can grab tickets by visiting this link and selecting your date.


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