Nephilym has been playing in NC for over 10 years (2001) and, just like any other band that has been together for a considerable length of time, band members have changed throughout the years. Bassist Bobby Byford and Guitarist Josh Smith are the 2 founding members of the band lead by vocalist Brent Underwood (Dead by Dawn, Messenger of Hope, Drayton Road) and Will Driver (Prodical Son/Forever July, East River Snorkeling, Memphis Witch) on drums. I came across these guys in 2004 with their song “Zombie” and was extremely impressed. Once again, I am taken back with their latest single, “Could Have Been.”


Brent’s voice has touches of Aaron Lewis (Staind), Chris Daughtry (Daughtry), and older Rich Luzzi (Rev Theory). The beginning of the song starts out with a simple strum of an acoustic guitar and Brent softly singing, then the bass comes in with a smooth, silky line that can soothe even the harshest of days. The drums are easy going with soft kicks and rim shots. Going into the chorus, which reminds me of the song “Rain” by Creed, the song just lets loose with its eloquent dark chords. The lyrics, “…then it all just feels the same…” hit perfectly, giving you goosebumps with those ear-friendly overtones, and nicely hit falsettos. Leading back to the verse, the heart calms down. The next chorus seems to pick up at the end as it heads into the bridge. “Could you please just go before my heart calls you back home…” just rings throughout as the message, piercing through the ice left in the wake of the destruction caused by this person. Brent comes back in with some vengeance and prowess as guitar solo kicks in the background for just a moment, taking it to that climaxing point where the emphasis focuses once again on the bridge lyrics. The song ends as softly as it began, never leaving a crumb of doubt that it has touched you not only in your soul.

The meaning of this song is all in the title. Anything and everything that “Could Have Been,” respectively, is no longer there. The only thing left is the memory of the pain and heartache. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, rock stars do have a soft heart as well, it isn’t about mosh pits and body limbs all the time.

Don’t forget to check out the video that was released TODAY for “Could Have Been” and snag a copy of the new single at all your major digital sources.




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