Hey ya’ll! Jenn here and I wanted to introduce you guys and gals to a very talented young man!

I first saw Johnny at a show he played a show at The Drunk Horse Pub in Fayetteville on 24 February of this year, and I was seriously impressed. Here’s the thing about Johnny, he’s 13 years old and plays shows by himself, it’s just him and a guitar! He has been known to share the stage with other bands to perform songs with them and he fits in seamlessly. He’s based out of Charlotte, NC and is definitely going places. He’s already opened up for touring bands like Saliva, TRAPT, Wayland, and others, and is one of the youngest professional musicians that I have ever met.

The show that I saw him at was an acoustic set and I was curious. Like I said, he’s the youngest professional musician that I have met and this kid is talented. He’s a mixture of blues, rock, hard rock, and metal. He showed off his skills at guitar and love for older country music like Johnny Cash as well as some original songs that he has written.

He recently did a couple of video journals with Rock Rage Radio that you can check out on his YouTube channel. You should also check out this video of him playing Roller Coaster Live. If this doesn’t showcase his talent, then I don’t know what does.

He’s currently on his “Best Summer Ever” Tour joining bands like Pröwess, Losing September, Shun the Raven, and others, and has a list of shows across the US. He’s playing in Charlotte, NC with Shun the Raven on 02 September at Hattie’s Tap & Tavern at 7PM and if you get the chance, you really should check him out!




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