So this review has a special place in my heart. I originally got an informal introduction to Darling Waste back in 2010/2011 when I had the utmost honor of being part of the incredible staff team that made up the Myrtle Beach Zombie Walk. During this time, I had a chance to meet the mastermind behind the band; Lance Waste. Lance and I have stayed in contact on/off since.

Lance is joined by an incredible team of musicians that make up Darling Waste. You have Madeline Hoyle on guitar, Donnie Talbott on drums and rounding out the foursome Kelli Stilgenbauer on bass. Now I call this a “team of musicians” because they aren’t your typical band, they truly work together in unison to make the music work.

wp-image-626561305jpg (1)

Now I was given a sneak peek of the new album “The Skeleton Key”, and it put me in such a giddy and happy mood. When this girl, right here, gets hints of Blink-182 mixed with some of AFI (not the recent stuff, we are talking the old punk days) it makes me ridiculously happy. So happy in fact, if my ears could smile, they were while giving it a listen.

I don’t want to give away too much on the album, but any punky-pop fan is going to love this one for sure. The tracks “Sing Along Time” and “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” are the epitome of what I call a “road-trip” song. Essentially,  you learn the words and they are stuck. Don’t judge me too hard for saying this, but those two are going to be right next to Journey on my road trip playlist.

There was a bit of a shocker on the album that I didn’t see coming, “Hurt Before” is a slower tempo love type of a song, but, it so happens to feature one of my favorite up and coming front ladies Stef with an F from City of the Weak. The mix between the to vocal styles gave me goosebumps once Stef’s first verse kicked in. This song definitely deserves a round of applause in the “jaw dropping” department.

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When asked about the album Lance had to say, “This album was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It took four years to write and record. I almost gave up on it several times. The album weaves in and out of itself lyrically. Each song on this album has a companion song as well. Touring the world for three years straight ended with me getting detained and removed from England, where I was living at the time. I was super depressed. I was cut off from my band, my girlfriend and all of my belongings. I went to Myrtle Beach and spent the summer being massively self destructive, which is the song “How I Spent Me Summer Vacation” then the summer ends and the romance falls apart in “How To Avoid Large Ships”, “Sing along Time”, “Dead at 27” and “The Same Old Song” all tackle the subject of growing up and maturing in the music scene, while “I am the Villain” is a response to a poisonous relationship and “Hurt Before” is the events that came right after the events in Villain. Each song is a story from the past couple years of my life, written in real time as they were happening. The toughest song to write and perform is”Shattered/Divine” , which is my bedside plea to my mother to wake up while she was in a coma.”

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with “The Skeleton Key” and what Darling Waste is bringing to the table in 2017. Please make sure you grab a copy when the album drops on August 11th courtesy of Imminence Records. These guys and gals really put a ton of blood, sweat and tears into the making of this incredible record.

You can pick up a pre-order copy of Darling Waste’s “The Skeleton Key” on Amazon, GooglePlay Music, iTunes and more. Click the link for direct information on the pre-order.


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