It seems that for a song being titled Unspoken, there is a lot being said. Visually matching a story of clear cheating mixed with themes of anger & letting go, Break the Skyline’s accompanying video for their track Unspoken weaves melodic musical layers with lush vocals which seem designed for opening up how one feels after dealing with an unfaithful partner.

Beautifully shot and edited together, this video takes you through the tale of a young woman catching her partner which on the face of looks like he’s begun setting his sights on his catch of the night.

Throughout the video, we witness her in great pain & heartbreak pen a letter of goodbye to her now lost lover. As she sets her feelings on fire at the end of Unspoken, a clear message of goodbye and no luck blasts through understanding as if we can feel her pain, like we can perceive pain appearing everywhere.

Our main character’s continuous torment as a result of her lover’s action is clearly displayed throughout her performance. You feel her jumping at you through the screen and grabbing you by the throat, daring you to feel as she does, begging you to understand, wishing no person to ever endure as she has this terrible experience. Throughout the presentation of Unspoken her display of jaded feeling, no pun intended, as if it’s breaking through the skyline.

A tight, well-produced tune mixed with both a dynamic performance by the band & spread shots of our storyteller belting out her narrative of disloyalty, Break the Skyline has a gem on their hands with Unspoken.


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