The Fell – is an exciting new band consisting of rockers Anthony Del A Torre (Young Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) on vocals, Guitar player Mike Krompass (Multi-Platinum music producer and session guitar player), Randy Cooke (notorious session/touring drummer who has recorded/played with a laundry list of greats) and last, but not least, Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Winery Dogs) on bass, who needs no introduction.


Now, for a band with such a powerhouse team of musicians, it is a shocker that this group hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention, yet. Can you believe they are UNSIGNED? The group has a very unique sound that I can’t quite find an exact comparison for. But if I were to compare them to something, I would say you are getting a mix of Adelita’s Way mixed with 80’s hair band power vocals and rounded out with a hint of blues. Anthony has an incredible vocal range that is just “oh-so-buttery” but leads into a pure rock-and-roll belt. It kind of reminds me a bit of Sahaj Ticotin [vocalist for Ra]. Doesn’t hurt that the dude is a looker either.

Now, back to the song, “Footprints” was just recently remastered with Anthony’s vocals since the recent departure of original singer Toby Rand. Not gonna lie, I absolutely loved the original. The track itself is extremely groovy. But what makes it unique, I could hear this being played in a dive bar to mainstream radio. Dare I say it, I could hear it in a country bar too!

Anthony’s vocals do bring something special that the original singer didn’t have. The range, adaptability, and control that he has made it sound as if the recording of the track was effortless. The gentlemen of The Fell found a true gem in Del A Torre.

The pure grittiness of the video they released alongside the re-master is unlike your normal “studio-style” video. It pairs unique filters and To see how quickly the guys meshed together and created this beautiful remaster of an already amazing track.

As for the track, it is 100% one of my new favorite songs. I have said in reviews before, “catchy song is catchy” and there is no doubt about it that “Footprints” is catchy. I have caught myself listening to the track over and over again without even realizing it.

I give a huge thumbs up to the creative minds behind The Fell, I look forward to this group’s long and healthy future in the industry! You can pick up a copy of the new single on



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