This artist alert is going to be unlike any other that I have had a chance to write. I have a strong personal connection to this particular group of dudes and have so for 10+ years. They are 100% unsigned and independent and I respect the hell out of these guys. So without further adieu, let me introduce you to one of the first bands I have ever been able to consider as a family: Seasons After.


I had a chance to see/meet Seasons After way back in 2008-ish, (may have been longer actually) in Jacksonville, NC. I honestly do not remember what band they were opening for, but boy, I sure did remember them. This powerhouse team of dudes consists of members Tony Housh on vocals, Chris Dawson and Jimmy Beattie dueling on guitars. The occasionally have substitutes for drummers but have found one incredible bassist that I hope they hang on to.


Let me tell you why Seasons After will forever be my favorite band. It is not the photos I take of them, or even the music….even though they have really, really damn good music… it’s the guys themselves. As someone who understands that, for every band, there are thousands of fans and hundreds of shows. You can’t expect a group to remember everything. But, the incredible thing is, they remembered me. They always made me feel like family even before we got as close as we have become.

20369507_10159010521285363_5076435803311806248_oFor example, I make a point to go out to any and every Seasons After show in NC as I can go to, why, because I believe in these guys. But here is the kicker, at every show, no matter how long it has been, they’ve always remembered me and sat down and just talked to me like an old friend. I actually had a chance to sit down with Tony at the Bridge to Grace/Seasons After show at The Muse in Wilmington on July 27th, and pleasantly to my surprise is Tony had kept one of my business cards that I had given him, which so happened to have a picture of him on it, in his cell phone case and takes it around where ever he goes. I seriously got emotional when I heard that.

Not everyone can be on a level with their fans like these guys can be. On top of how incredible this group of guys are, they are 100% independent. Having gone the label route, they abandoned being attached to the mainstream and branched out to do their own thing. Now, this isn’t a small feat to begin with, but add in the fact that they record, mix and master their own media at the same time!

With that being said, their latest album Manifesto, which was released late in 2016, has a special place in my heart. This was/is the comeback album of all comeback albums. Not just in a, “we are here” kind of way, but the lyrics and the sound emulate that of an internationally recognized band. One particular song that will forever stay with me is “Fighter”. Why you ask? Well, we have all had a moment where we have had to fight. Whether it was for something or someone, to stay alive, to stay relevant, or even just to get through the day ahead. The song, when I first heard it, hit me at my core and motivated the hell out of me to do what I am doing today (giving unsigned bands a media outlet that is).

At the end of the day, I have to thank these dudes for a lot of what motivated me to get where I am today. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, please do so. They are worth your time and energy!


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