Deuce is formally known as “Tha Producer”, one of the founding members of the rap-rock group Hollywood Undead. His debut album of the same name dropped on April 24th, 2012 and his upcoming album “Invincible” officially releases on December 1st.

Musically, the album isn’t so bad. The first song “Hell Is Gonna Break Loose” has this dark, circus-like tone that makes it strangely appealing. It’s as if Pennywise from Stephen King’s “IT” helped write it. Not really a fan of clowns but I have to admit, it’s dark vibe is pretty interesting. However, when the vocals come in, I begin to lose interest.

In some of the others like “Catch Me If You Can” for example, it almost sounds like it has this unusual My Chemical Romance influence that meets his rapping during the verses. And it doesn’t necessarily work but the melodic vocals actually do it some justice. “Invincible” brings on this catchy vibe with the intro and just fast-paced drums throughout. It reminds me obviously of Hollywood Undead and defines the album as a whole.

“It’s Alright It’s Ok” is actually quite interesting because, with no rapping, it’s almost straight up rock and metal with it’s sound. And vocally it sounds as if it were an Offspring song. Without a doubt, I’m sure the hardcore and dedicated fanbase will continue to buy the album, but new listeners and average alike may not find it appealing enough.

There were only a couple of the songs out of the album that I found enjoyable enough to listen to the second time and headbang slightly. Given that, I feel as though if he tried putting out music without rapping in the style of songs like “It’s Alright It’s Ok” and much of “Catch Me If You Can”, it would make for a very interesting turn and possibly a sound he could easily attract new fans too.

Overall, I give this album a 3/10. As a fan of subgenres such as rap-rock and nu-metal, I can’t really place it among other bands like Linkin Park, Hed PE, or his former group Hollywood Undead. While many of the lines are catchy and some of the music is enjoyable, I feel as though it lacks in diversity in it’s dynamics. It feels as though it’s repetitive and reprocessed from each other song.

You can find “Invincible” on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other music store platforms as well as Amazon.


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