I recently had the amazing opportunity to sit down and write about one of my favorite regional bands, Black Plague, and their brand spankin’ new EP, “Existence.” This four song, face melting EP solidifies their position in the scene as well as answers the never aging question, “Is rock music dead?” They went with the name “Existence” because the whole EP is about life. “Why do we exist?” Life, as you may know, is like an out of control river, at times, until things settle down and its path is formed. “How will we survive? How do we make the best when things seem like they’re at their worst?”


The first song kicks off subtly with “Anguish”. The introduction is haunting, with the vocals speaking from truth, eerily similar to Maria Brink. It builds up as the vocals kick into this gripping scream. The guitars telling their own story with the bass and drums bleeding into everything beautifully. This song is about never giving up when things seem their hardest. Be there for each other and we can all grow stronger. Don’t sell yourself short, have belief that you can do anything.


The second song is called, “Existence,” respectively. Guys and gals, this song will give you the willies. It begins with huge reminders of Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage. This song questions everything in life. Why do we stick to the habits of everyday and is there a reward in doing just that? Do you want to be a mannequin for the past or an active human being? Don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter! Make the most of everything in life because living to exist is more important than living to die.


The third track (as if your neck isn’t already broken and body not casted from moshing by yourself in your room) is titled, “Unbroken.” Extremely aggressive and in your face, full of quick beats and half-time chicken-neck sections, “Unbroken” will leave you…..figuratively broken. The breakdown in this song has me standing with purpose. Even if my colleagues think it’s funny as I dance with my headphones on. This song is about how the government is trying to dictate our lives and how we can rise with our voices. It’s about how the media perpetuates the hate and divide. We must remain bonded, “Unbroken.” We, the American people, will fight for what is ours and we will not back down.


The final track is called “Executioner.” This song takes hold of the liars, cheaters, bullies, and anything in between and breaks them down and tells them to back off. We will never stop winning against negativity. We will never stop overcoming your shortcomings that make you hate us. If anyone you know is being hateful and spiteful to you, keep in your mind that only YOU know who you are. Only you know what you are doing and NEVER stop believing in yourself.




I’ve been following Black Plague for quite a while and I have to say that they are some of the most down to earth people I’ve come into contact with. The engagement they have with their fans and OTHER bands off the stage is something you don’t see often in this industry.

Check out their EP on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Bandcamp. Find out where their next show is and watch the madness unfold!



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