Our Staff

Get to know our amazing team here at Angel-Phoenix Magazine!

Tiffany Towe – Editor-in-Chief/Photographer 

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“Hi, I am Tiffany and I like to take photos. Photography has become an ever growing passion of mine, especially when it comes to live concerts and festivals. Something about capturing a moment in time moves me. I enjoy being able to share my experiences in the photography and music industry with the world through my photos and blogging. I started this beautiful thing I call Angel-Phoenix Productions back in 2007 when I was fresh out of high school! I strongly believe every artist should have an outlet to be heard!”

Jenn Hutt – Senior Writer/Photographer


“My name is Jenn and I am a 25-year-old veteran of the US Army. My love of music started young, as a singer like Tiffany. However, I decided to pursue my interest in the Armed Forces instead of singing, but it still remains a very prominent hobby. I’m based in Eastern Carolina where my husband is stationed with the US Army. Nowadays I run my own business as a social media Virtual Assistant and Photographer, as well as the merch girl for my husband’s band.”


Ian Felts – Writer/Content Creator

21617540_2015096318516406_6274617392472845214_n“Hi! My name is Ian Felts and I’m a musician and a graphic artist. I’m the bassist for BridgeToBreakdown and a former member of The Static Drive. As many can tell you, my passion and one true love is music. I’m a strong supporter for upcoming bands and I believe that every band deserves a chance to be heard. I started my own graphic art service called GreatWave Designs as a “support-the-scene” project to help new and local bands find their unique image and I’m excited to be helping the scene in another way as I work with Angel-Phoenix Magazine.”

Will Baker- Lead Interviewer/Event Coordinator


“My name is Will Baker and I am 30 years old. I am a work-a-holic. I started playing music when I was in middle school and never looked back after that, joining and/or starting bands here and there, for a while going on an acoustic stint between Wilmington, NC and Jacksonville, NC. I currently play guitar and backup vocals in the band Stricken, and teaching my beautiful daughter how to play guitar with my wife.”

Steven “M” Meyers – Content Creator (Facebook)IMG_0356

M (née Steven Meyers) always possessed a strong talent for the musical arts. After learning to play the piano at age 6, M graduated onto several instruments including the guitar, bass, trumpet, saxophone, theremin and drums/percussion. Currently, M is the CEO of I Love To Play Records, an independent label in Alamance County, NC, precisely designed to further the innovational development of PTON. He is also the lead guitarist, principal songwriter & producer of Past Tense Of Never.